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You may have heard of Rust-Busters, our RustProof plastic prototype. If you have found it hard to use, we have created a new version of it!

RustProof, the one-and-only legendary rust exterminator is available with brand new features! Removable, reusable, and highly effective, RustProof is available in 7 different colors: Roarin’ Red, Glitchy Green, Blazing Blue, Young-at-Heart Yellow, Perfect Pink, Original Orange, and Valuable Violet!

What are you waiting for? Buy RustProof Make-it-Yourself Kit for HK$4.99, RustProof Ready-Made for HK$9.99, or RustProof Scented - available in five scents: grape, strawberry, cappuccino, Coca-Cola, and mint!

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