Welcome to Miss Modern's online store and homepage. Here, you can read about current, past, and future projects, read about our staff, find the pricing for the products and order if you find them suitable, and find out about our current featured project. If there are any questions, suggestions, or problems, go to this page, our Contacts page.

About Us

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Our company was founded in 2016. Our first product a prototype called Rust Busters, an invention that is supposed to keep a lock hook from rusting. Our latest product is the final product of Rust Busters, called RustProof. Read about this product by clicking here.

Miss Modern was founded by Selene Lung, whom you can read about here. Created in the AIS Middle School science room, Room 503, Miss Modern started as a science project for an engineering unit. The Grade 6 science teacher, Ms. Willey, was the one who introduced our company to the public at the Engineering Fair on Tuesday, March 21, and printed our poster for it. Read about her here.