Our Work

Miss Modern is an innovative engineering company. We find common problems and solve them. If you have any problems you want us to create a solution for, contact us. Our recent projects include RustProof and its prototype Rust Busters, which you can read more about here. Our other current products are Happy Hands, which are amazing and fashionable inner gloves that keep your hands warm and toasty, Da Money Bank, a super effective and organized money bag, as well as The Cute Toilet Seat, an adorable toilet seat that will keep your toilet warm throughout the winter.

Future projects include the Time Machine and the Teleporter, which will probably be released around the year 2086.

Customer-Suggested Products

If you would like us to created something, just contact us. Other customers have suggested many future products. You can be credited for your idea, or you can choose to remain anonymous.

Recent customer suggested products include:

  • Cup that can be filled to the top without spilling
  • Anti-slipping floor that is easy to clean and walk over
  • Headphones or earbuds that automatically adjust to the right volume
  • Real Star Wars Lightsabers that do not run out of batteries like the ones at ToysRUs